K&K – ITC Grand Central

K&K – Daawat -e – Shareef, New Maestro welcome to K&K Mast chef Shareef. He brings along with him the heritage of North Indian culinary traditions a bit modified with his years of experience. A small brief about Master Chef Shareef – known for his DumPukth style of cooking. Here he has curated an exquisite menu consisting of signature kebabs and Biryani not to forget the traditional mains as well. Started his career at ITC Maurya (flagship property) Moved to ITC Windsor Bangalore where he opened the Dum Pukth restaurant. Travelled as a brand ambassador of the famed Dum Pukth cuisine of India. Now heads K&K ITC Grand Central.

This festival started on the 5th of July till 31st July 2017 both Lunch and Dinner.

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Baluchi Zaika – e – Awadh

Zaika – E – Awadh – Festival curated by Chef Rais Alam blew me with a couple of outstanding innovative dishes. I have been Having Awadh Cuisine but here the chef has made a couple of outstanding dishes which I still need to figure out. Take a Bow Chef.

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Jyran – Sofitel

Jyran ( Means Lot Love ) hope i am correct on that !!

A specialty Restaurant at Sofitel Mumbai Serving Authentic Mughlai food sounds interesting – The Month of Ramadan is all about some amazing Culinary Food , we visit various places to just get the feel and the taste of delicacies which are prepared in Ramadan Festival . Now to get the same under one roof ” MOHAMMED ALI ROAD ” Festival is a brilliant.

Jyran was always a Baby of QURESHI family the master of Dum Cuisine. This Festival has been created by Chef ” Shadab Ahmad ” – from the same family. The Moment you hear this just close your eyes and enjoy the electric menu and some authentic specialties such as Tawa Kheema , Roti pe Bhuni Boti , Tandoori Murg , Subz Tawa Biryani , Kulfi Falooda and much more.


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The Shack – Restrobar located at Parle East. Don’t go by the same . It has that Goan Shack feel as the place is owned by a Konkani family. Well deserved place in that Area where many of the restaurants are either VEG or a Standalone Bar.

Surprised to see being packed , regulars , family crowd. It does boasts of some good sizzlers. Two sections .. the Den has that Restro look and the upper section has the Shack feel.

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