The Lab Malabar Hill

When two friends sit over a a conversation and FOOD being a Subject. One of them puts up an idea Lets open a restaurant/Cafe ? DONE … Now what ? No background of food , look out for a chef , find a place get the interiors done and then the R & D. This is the story of this cafe at Walkeshwar.

LAB – the same is just correct. Small cafe at Teen Batti – Nice ambiance / cosy interiors. 2 levels. Ground is the kitchen , mezzanine is where the sitting is. Again 2 levels – One has a normal Table and Chairs and Low sitting – More relaxed and Comfort area. Lot of board games. Overall a perfect place. Hygiene level good , neatly done up and VFM. The menu impressed me. Vegetarian.

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Chai Pe Charcha – Tapri Chai A/c Mein. Excellent concept by Anil Kohli who has tapped the market at the right time . USP is the pricing .

Nice Ambiance , Colorful , bright with hand painting art work , basically its burst of colours everywhere and not that heavy to the eye . Board Games painted on each table , hanging lights , in simple word fantastic…
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