Chili’s Grill & Bar an American Casual Dining Restaurant Chain which serves Tex-Mex Style cuisine. Founded in 1975 in Texas by Larry Levine currently owned and operated by Brinker International.
Been Visiting Chili’s since a long time , be outside India or India. Mumbai Chili’s surprisingly never gave that Wow experience. Today was different. Loved what I had. First the Vibe – was Jam Packed that makes a person happy .. you get that positive feeling once you enter the place. The Menu has been Transformed completely and lot of new and innovative dishes in store apart from some amazing cocktails. Service – TOP NOTCH ( Thanks Nikunj ) to have taken care of us with Cocktails and Amazing Food.


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IMG_1626Google Old Wild West or Wild West and you come across images of Mexico, Cowboys, Wood, Burgers , French Fries, Guns etc ….

You enter this Place called the Old Wild West a newly opened thyme restaurant at Kamla Mills and wow .. This has most of the elements which one has imagined including a Mechanical Bull and take a Selfie at the Selfie wall.

Hugh place this about 4000 sq feet very nicely done up. Sitting is spacious , not cramped unlike other places. Hugh Bar fully stocked.

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Uba Tuba

Nice to See a Stand-Alone Mexican Casual Dining restaurant In Bandra.

A bit like a Tex-Mex chain as far as service is concerned. Nice Offerings such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos and some great Juices and Smoothies, keeping mind the prices.

Nicely designed menu. Full Marks to Shardul , Vernon and his team to put up this Mexican joint which was required so badly in Mumbai.

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Falafel’s BAD day at the office !! Service not good , Full of attitude arrogance and to top it , to FIND a Hair in the Caramelized Onion in one of the dishes – That’s Falafel’s .

On reporting the same to the manager , just a half hearted reply ” SORRY ” that’s all about it.
My last Review for Falafel’s i had rated this place a 2.5 , unfortunately today the food was bad , service was pathetic so it’s a Minus 1 and a half from my last review = 1.

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Aye Dios Mio

Aye dios Mio – Italian + Mexican + Home delivery + Cute place + Good Hindi Vintage Music + Nice Service. At the end of the day it stands for ” Oh My God ” there are a couple of other meanings as well to this.
3 partners , vegetarian Place , a Take away basically at marine lines but has a sitting of about 10 people and from the time we were there till we left it was busy with Orders Pouring in. Local Crowd must be …

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